From playing to praying (2017)




Miniature cars that have been handed down and have peeling paint, my favorite figures, rare glittery trading cards, beautiful pebbles I collected while travelling, and key rings someone gave me as a souvenir of their trip.

From an early age, I carried around these treasures everywhere, scattering and playing with them by creating a small world. As I got older and gradually learned various things, the world that previously looked so clear became increasingly complex and obscure. My hero, who certainly existed there, became blurry and invisible. I am a grown-up man, but even now, I play with the toys that are regarded as something on canvas and create a small world. This small world is then lain on a big world that exists somewhere.

In our lives, we are sometimes faced with complex fragments of the world that can never be organized. When faced with such fragments that cannot be divided into left, right, top, or bottom, we try to find the point where we exist in these coordinates. In doing so, you may be able to see what you could not previously see by drawing a temporary auxiliary line, or you learn that there are some answers that cannot be derived no matter how many lines you draw. Yet, I wish to set boundaries repeatedly to find out about this world, ourselves, and you.